Hello, I'm Antal, a young, part-time filmmaker, webdeveloper and IT specialist with an eye for beauty, details and the drive to do new discoveries. Eager to learn, always open to new ideas , I enjoy the creative and technical part of anything I do. I work together with a team of professionals who specialize in delivering an unique, enlightened experience in (online) media and IT.

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video highlights

Aston Martin Hertitage. Client: Noble House
Toujeo Diabetes Support App. Client: BRONS + TENKATE
Opleidingsdagen Werken. Client: Bedrijfsbeelden.nl
Lowcost App Animation. Client: BRONS + TENKATE
Hockey Events - Aftermovie December 2013. Client: Bedrijfsbeelden.nl
Tunnelbuilders Mexico. Client: Bedrijfsbeelden.nl
Professor Alessandro Beber promoting the Liquidity Risk Finance Program. Client: AIF
Aston Martin Volante. Client: Aston Martin Germany
Spring Event 2013, supercar get-together. Client: Petrolhead Events
TDK Boombox, especially made for in-store use. Client: TDK International
LaDress backstage photoshoot. Client: LaDress Amsterdam
Wiesmann MF5 roadtest. Client: GTspirit.com

web development

Serra & Partners / Financial Services http://www.serrapartners.nl/
DAP Dokkum / VET clinic http://www.dapdokkum.nl/
Julianaschool Bilthoven / Primary school http://www.julianaschoolbilthoven.nl/
Vliegerprojecten / Extended portfolio http://www.vliegerprojecten.nl/
BTK / Agency Website - http://www.bronstenkate.com/
Volkers / Corporate Website - http://www.volkers.nl/
The Voices of Bilthoven - http://www.thevoicesofbilthoven.nl/
Sjoerd ten Kate / commercial portfolio - http://www.sjoerdtenkate.com/
Van Zoelen BV / corporate website - http://www.vanzoelen.nl
Leerkracht=Koning / corporate website - http://www.leerkrachtiskoning.nl
Henk Oldenziel / personal portfolio - http://www.henkoldenziel.com
The Power Inside / corporate website - http://www.thepowerinside.nl

systems & it

I have over 15 years experience in building, upgrading, repairing and upgrading desktops and laptops. Do you live in the Netherlands and want to upgrade, migrate or replace your desktop PC, laptop or Mac? Have it custom built now - please contact me. Thinking of setting up a small (wireless) network for home or office, or even a Linux-based NAS/Cloudserver? Don't hesistate.


Contact me: connect@antal.tv